Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

June 2, 2021 2022-02-19 17:11

This Privacy Policy applies beginning Dec 2, 2019.

Welcome to Winkgo’s Privacy Policy.

We are Winkgo (refer to hereinafter as we, us, our, ours), and here is our detail:   The Privacy Policy (sometimes called “Policy”, “This policy”, “The policy” in this context) applies to Winkgo’s and its parent company’s websites and (respectively), apps, events, and any other operation and services operated or related to Winkgo , these are to be referred to in this Privacy Policy as “Service and/or Services”. We would like to thank you for your attention. Your privacy and information are the core value of our services. We are honoured that you entrusted us with your information. Therefore, we take it as our utmost importance and are dealing with it seriously. This Privacy Policy is to make sure you understand the information we are collecting from you, the background, and how we deal with them. Please note that things that happened to be mentioned under just some of the topics could be applied in another topic as well. By using our Service, you agree to this Privacy Policy How we process your information: In order to provide you with an enjoyable, pleasant experience, we will need some of your information such as basic profile details and the types of people you’d like to meet. This includes information given as you use our services, for instances, login details, those from third parties, for example, when third parties or social media logic applies. Please check out more that follow below for more details. 1.The information given by you includes: By using our services, you have automatically agreed to provide us with information, which includes:

  • Your login credentials, when creating an account.
  • Subscribing to our paid service or making a purchase from us or through any platform such as that of provided by Apple or Google, you are giving us or any of our third party service provider your payment information, such as your debit or credit card details and/or other financial information.
  • For us to get to know you and in order to help you establish a pleasant connection, you will be sharing with us with more information such your personality, characteristics which could include races and/or origin, your lifestyle, hobbies etc. Some of which may considered to be sensitive, depending on your judgement. For instances, your sexual preference or political view. You will also be giving access to contents such as photos and videos. This includes giving us access to your camera or photo album. This is to enable you to be able to have photos and some other contents added. Having provided us with those information, you consent to how we might deal with the information.
  • Giving us insights, your opinion on our products or service, such as when partaking in surveys or questionnaires.
  • Giving us insights, your opinion on other brand products or service, such as when partaking in surveys or questionnaires.
  • We also gather the information you enter when participating in campaigns or promotions.
  • We also process your messages and chat or any form of interaction with other users, this includes, too, any form of content published by you.
  • The information of any third party, individual or in a form of a company or a group, that you have asked us to contact or have just simply given us will also be collected.
  • The information you provided during any sort of interaction with our service, such as Bug report, help, customer services, will also be collected. This is done so to keep our service improving.
  1. Information collected with your permission

With your permission, we will be collecting your exact geolocation, this could be in any form as well as latitude and longitude. This could be done in several ways, such as Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth or GPS. This could also be undergoing in the background without the service being in use. In the same way as what stated above, your contents such as photos and/or videos could also be collected for operational uses such as having them displayed.

  1. Information given by others

Apart from the above, we could also be receiving information about you from others, such as:

  • When the others, for example other users, reach out to us about you, they are providing us your information.
  • You might choose to create login to your Winkgo account using social media login (such as Facebook Login). This saves you time. In order to make this work, it shares information from your social media with us.
  • When dealing with our partners, such as advertisements, where they might be passing on information about you should that be included in campaigns report, for example.
  1. Information collected during the services

Information on the features you have been using or might be interested in. How you have been using our services. Devices you use when using our services. All of these include but not limited to:

  • Date and time of your logged in.
  • How long you spent, your session
  • Searches you have been exploring
  • Taps/clicks you have made
  • Pages/sections you have been going through.
  • Referring channel such as website address, URLs, ads)
  • Your interaction with other users or other parties. This includes, for example, users you have interacted with, date and time of the interactions, amount of interaction such as messages received or sent out.
  • IP address
  • Device model / ID
  • Device-specific settings
  • Cookies associated identifiers
  • IMEI
  • UDID
  • Mac address
  • Any other device or browsers identifying IDs or technologies
  • Details about Mobile/Wireless network service provider and signal.
  • Details on accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses.
  • App setting
  • App crashes
  • Advertising IDs such as Google’s AAID and Apple’s IDFA
  • Type, version and language of browsers
  • Operating system
  • Time zones

INFORMATION USAGE The main reason we use your information is to deliver and improve our services. Additionally, we use your info to help keep you safe and to provide you with advertising that may be of interest to you. Your information is mainly used so we can keep our services improved, delivering you tailored experiences, keeping you safe and suggesting you advertisements or services that may interest you. Examples of how we use your information:

  • Creating your account
  • Administrating your account and profile
  • Registering you for new services to come
  • Providing you support
  • Helping you with your transaction, including making order and billing
  • Displaying user’s profile to help you and others establish pleasant and memorable interactions, connections.


  • Cross-device data linkage so consistent service could be given no matter on what device you are on.
  • Managing discounts and offers
  • Analysis and research conduction when needed in order to improve our services. This includes having contents, such as advertisements, tailored and provided to you based on your interest
  • To come up with better or new services and features.
  • Keeping in touch with you.
  • To watch out for misbehaviour and misconduct and to deal with it.
  • To detect fraud
  • To meet legal requirements
  • To assist law enforcement
  • To enforce our rights, such as our Terms

We may allow reach out to you from time to time to ask for your cooperation and/or permission to use some your other information for reasons. The consent then could be withdrew later when you wish to by contacting us at the channel given below at the end of the policy.   Data collections technologies In order to identify your device or you, one or more data collection technology may be in used, this includes technology such as Cookies, web beacons, and pixels. We may also allow others to do so as well. This is to, for example, have setting and your preferences remember, behavior learning, giving you access to collaborating third parties, to enhance your experience in using the services of ours. DNT, a Do Not Track feature, is a feature provided by some browsers. If this feature is on, it allows the user’s online activity on the browser to be left untracked. However, this DNT signals are, at the moment, non-uniform. With this, many businesses including Winkgo will not be responding to DNT. INFORMATION SHARING / PROCESSING We wish to provide you with the best outgoing experience ever. To do that, sharing of users’ information is needed. Most of the time, information is shared on the following basis:

  • Amongst users, sharing of your information to other users, and theirs to you

Using the service, you are sharing your information with other users, willingly. Likewise, they are sharing theirs to you as well. So just to remind you, the content share by you will therefore has to be made public. Make sure you know what you are sharing. Please be noted that we are not to be held responsible for anything shared, posted, or uploaded by you. Should there be a setting or a function for you to choose who can see your content, then the content will only be displayed to that certain type of users you have chosen to display the content to.

  • Sharing of information with third parties, service providers, and our partners

We collaborate with third parties such as service providers to serve you the best experience we possibly can. Some tasks are out of our reach and we need help from specialised third parties. These helps sometimes include but not limited to server maintenance, advertisement tailored to your interest, data analysis. Therefore, sharing of information is necessary.

  • Corporate transaction

In case of, no matter wholly or partially, us being involved in a merge, acquisition, sale, dissolution, bankruptcy, reorganisation, divesture, or any change of ownership, we may be transferring your information.

  • Complying with law enforcement

Your information may be disclosed when required by law or when being required by courts or a governmental sector. Some other situation includes, for example, in order to assist in stopping or preventing crimes or to assist in investigation. With the intention of providing security to other users or people, your information may also be disclosed.

  • Legal rights enforcement

We might be sharing your information if that would lessen our responsibility or liability in a lawsuit or if it seems like we are at risk of being put into one. We also may be sharing your information to protect our legal rights, our user’s rights, our partners’ rights or any related parties’ rights. The information will also sometimes be shared in order to maintain and enforce the agreement between you and us. The information could also be used to detect, prevent, to assist or to deal with fraud, illegal activities, or any suspicious one.

  • When requested by you / with your permission

We may be asking for your permission if we need to disclose your information with third parties. In that case, we will make it clear on why do we need the information. We might be using and sharing information which are unidentifiable. This means that the information is general and can’t be used to point out the individual, namely the owner of the information. This kind of information includes but not limited to things like general characteristics, customers’ behavior. We may be sharing this information with our partners, third parties. This is to, for instances, data analysis to develop and provide you with advertisement or suggestions that suits best with your interests. This information may also be combined with any type of information from other sources.   RIGHTS YOU HAVE By uninstalling the app, you are stopping it from collecting your information. However, the unique identifier linked to your device will remained stored. This is so that if once you happen to re-install the app, your last activities, including transaction, could be reconnected. Some privacy law may allow you to review your personal information. In that case, a copy of your information can be requested via [email protected]. (Please have the mail subject stated exactly as: Information_request_”your name”) Also, if you have come across any of the information we are holding about you, believing that information to be false, and in that case you want it edited, removed, or have it disapproved, please contact us via [email protected] (Please have the mail subject stated exactly as: Inaccurate_info_”your name”). Please, however, be noted the that we have the right to reject your requests due to various reasons. For instances, if the requests seem to be a fraud itself, or if it somehow seem to be threatening other users or possibly an infringement on intellectual property. If you wish to request for information relating to third parties or other users, such as content you both have been sharing or exchanging, the other party such as the other user, would have to contact us to provide a written consent as well. The other user or party may contact us via [email protected]. (Please have the mail subject stated exactly as: Information_other_request_”your name”)   Please also note, however, that no matter the circumstances, certain types of information will not be provided, such as personal information of other users. We may also not be able to help out with some requests if you are not able to provide us with some information, particularly those that may help us verify you such as your birthday. If you had a hard time locating tools allowing you to edit or delete the information you provided within the service, or any enquiries related to it, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] (Please have the mail subject stated exactly as: Tool_enquiry) You can delete your account right on the service. Some applicable laws may provide you the right to review to your information we have. You may place your request via [email protected] (Please have the mail subject stated exactly as: Information_request_”your name”) If any information we have about you is believed to be inaccurate or that we are not supposed to be using it anymore, and that rectification or deletion is needed, please contact us via [email protected] (Please have the mail subject stated exactly as: Inaccurate_info_”your name”). Please note that to protect your information, as well as the others, we may need to ask you prove your identity before taking any action.   HOW IS YOUR INFORMATION PROTECTED Even though there are measures to provide security to your information, we cannot promise that your information will always be safe and secured. With this, you have acknowledged the fact, and agree that we are not to be responsible if things were to go wrong. We always work on improving our security measures. Our system, service and the content on it are regularly checked out for possible breach, attacks or any kind of threat. If we found out or suspected that you have been trying to breach our security or are up to something that could be a threat to our security and other user’s security, we may suspend you from using our service. Please also note that by using our service, you have agreed to pass on your information (no matter the level of sensitivity) to us, Winkgo. Then by us, the information may be transferred to places where the same data protection laws as your region (such as but not limited to the European Economic Area) does not apply. It could also be passed on to third parties which then providing security to your information will be out of our hands and we are not to be held responsible for that. By having provided us with your information, you agree to these stated situations. By using our service, providing us with your information, you also understand and agree that our service(s) is/are social based. This makes it hard for your information to always be kept secured and protected. Therefore, applying to all circumstances, we do not promise that your information will always be safe and secured and we are not to be held responsible for that. Situations may include (but not limited to) when people come across your profile, learn something about you then pass the information on to someone else, or even when you chat, the information you are telling the others. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a reason to believe that your account is not secured. Please contact us via [email protected] (Please have the mail subject stated exactly as: Breached). RETENTION OF INFORMATION We retain your information as long as we think it is necessary for business purposes such as those stated in INFORMATION SHARING section, and also as long as law permits. In order to provide security to our users, we need to have information retained for 90 days following the day an account is deleted or suspended. This means that the account will not be displayed and will not be visible, but its information does exist. After the 90-day information retention window period, your account and the information will be deleted and anonymised. This can also happen if the account has been inactive continuously over a period of 2 years. The stated clauses apply except for cases where:

  • It must be retained for legal purposes
  • It must be kept as an evidence of our obedience to law
  • The information is necessary and is needed in order to solve an issue.
  • The information is needed for our business purposes, such as for our legitimate interest, such as fraud prevention.

Even though our information deletion is designed as stated above, there is no guarantee that things would always be done within the stated timeframe. This could be due to technical errors or obstacle.   CHILDREN’S PRIVACY Our services are only available for those whose ages are 18 years and above. Users under 18 years old is not allowed to use the services and we do not knowingly collect their personal information. If you suspected anyone for being under 18 years of age, please do let us know by the ‘Report user’ function in the app itself.   POLICY MODIFICATION This policy could be change from time to time. It is your responsibility to be checking it out for updates from time to time. We may be notifying you in cases of changes, but please note that that is not a promise.   HOW TO CONTACT US Should you have any question regarding the policy, please feel free to reach out to us via: [email protected]